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Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Our Award winning platform tests your Website for 1000's of known Hacker Exploits. Both GDPR and PCI-DSS Compliant, Get Compliant Today!


  • Full WebApp Penetration Test
  • Full Website and Sub-domains
  • Single Test
  • Free Retesting after Remediation
  • Certification for GDPR & PCI-DSS Compliance


  • Full WebApp Penetration Test
  • Full Website and Sub-domains
  • Quarterly Testing
  • Free Retesting after Remediation
  • Certification for GDPR & PCI-DSS Compliance

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  • Full WebApp Penetration Test
  • Full Website and Sub-domains
  • Advanced Penetration Test
  • CREST Accredited
  • Single Test
  • Free Retesting after Remediation
  • Certification for GDPR & PCI-DSS Compliance

Penetration Testing & Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)

Our SAS Methodology Keeps us One Step Ahead of our Opponents

Choose the A - Team

Our security researchers are best in class in terms of knowledge and practical experience. All of our security teams are UK based and are accredited by bodies such as CREST & CHECK (Tiger Scheme) ISC2 (CISSP), this ensures our clients are getting a fully compliant and accredited service.

More importantly we want to be an extension of your company and provide the expertise that is needed in todays challenging environment to keep your business secure.

We offer a full range of Penetration testing services which include:
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Red Teaming
  • Website Applications
  • Social Engineering
  • WiFi Networks
  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Black & White Box Pen Testing
Systems compromised? Fraudulent activity detected?
Our Cyber Incident Response Team is here to help.

Our aim is to isolate the threat, contain it, and secure your systems so that the intruders cannot get back in. In the event of a breach you must follow these steps:

  1. DO NOT Email us, your email may be monitored, call us and we will begin the engagement.
  2. Inform all senior management - avoid email.
  3. Monitor your personal and company credit profile for fraudulent activity.
  4. Call Suppliers to inform them that you have had a breach, advise them to accept telephone confirmation only from authorised personnel.
  5. Once we have engaged with your company we will help you with the fallout and management of your response.
SAS - Serious About Security

We follow best in class industry practices with all of our engagements, and in addition we have implemented our own set of parameters to excel above our competitors.

All of our security researchers are certified ethical hackers and they all must successfully complete a range of certifications and tests that our senior researchers set. We hire slow, but we hire right, and continual professional and personal development are all part of our culture enabling our staff to perform at their optimal levels.

Incident Response Team Hotline
Available 24 Hours a Day

  • Have You Been Made Aware of A Breach?
  • Email Server Been Hacked?
  • Experienced Fraudulent Credit Taken Out in Your Company Name?
  • Losing Tenders, Contracts and Customers for No Solid Reason?

Your systems could be compromised; corporate intrusion and espionage are on the rise costing companies millions every year - take steps to secure your systems today.

Been Hacked?

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Why Choose Genius Security

Approach Team Cleverbits Barnardo's

Focused on Business

  • Understand the clients business needs
  • Assess the situation technically
  • Propose a solution that is Aligned with clients requirements
  • Implement the solution
  • Monitor the Solution on a continual basis

Your business is our business! We take a consultative approach in understanding our clients needs and we use the latest tools and methodologies to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Through continual professional and personal development our team is able to keep you one step ahead of the competition and threats in the market.

Best in Class Experts

  • CREST & CHECK Approved Penetration Testers
  • Experienced RED Team
  • Client Focused
  • Experienced Privacy Consultants
  • AWS Certified
  • Google Cloud Platform Certified

Our security teams are best in class and are fully accredited by industry leading bodies such as CREST, CBEST, CHECK and ISC2.

Cloud Specialists

  • Industry Leading Experts
  • Cloud Specialists
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Expert Database Troubleshooting
  • Google, AWS & Azure Cloud Certified
  • Mission Critical System Design & Implementation
  • Business & Security Focused is our consulting partner of leading global Cloud specialists.

From Cloud design and implementation to 24 Hour SOC enablement's, Cleverbits are the specialists that can rapidly resolve issues and streamline business operations.

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White Hat Rally, an Infosec community fundraising event now in its 10th year, organise an annual navigation and driving challenge that really does put the fun in fundraising!

Dedicated to supporting children and young people in the UK affected by cyber-abuse and online grooming, the Children and Sexual Exploitation (CSE) services are the only beneficiary of the monies we raise.

Our event brings together like-minded, socially responsible participants from all aspects of the infosec & cyber sector with a common goal - to raise money for our chosen industry charity, Barnardo’s.

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Consulting, Implementation and Tools

We Make GDPR Simple & Productive

We have a unique approach to tackling GDPR compliance for our clients, we don't concentrate on the potential fines, instead we aim to simplify the process and take the jargon out of becoming GDPR compliant.

We look at becoming compliant as a great opportunity to streamline business operations and also ensure that your business is operating in a manor that is both efficient and prepared for any regulatory changes that may occur in the future. Also included is our award winning Web Application Test which assess your website for vurlnerabilites.

Our dedicated GDPR consultants take a consultative approach to understanding the business needs of each of our clients.

One size does not fit all, we understand this, and accordingly we go through a onboarding process for each of our clients to scope out each GDPR deployment in order to help and guide you in terms of business processes and compliance. We believe good processes are the key to good compliance and we are at hand to help, advise and implement.

Businesses of certain sizes will be required to have a dedicated DPO (Designated Protection Officer). This can be a costly affair and rather unnecessary in our opinion. Our dedicated DPO service is available at a fraction of the cost of a new hire, we can monitor your processes, arrange training days and be available for any instances where a DPO is required. We work hand in hand with our clients and are an extension of their businesses.

We have developed a set of proprietary tools that plug into your website and keeps your cookie policy and terms of conditions up to date and compliant. Also our Information Request Tool Portal (IRTP) gives our clients a single place to capture, monitor and respond to information requests from the public. We host this portal branded for your business and provide a button to add to your website so that minimal technical work needs to be done.

Cloud Security Consulting & vOfficer Service

Get access to Industry Leading Professionals

Enterprise Cloud

  • Full Stack HA & DR for business continuity
  • Ready Scale Go
  • Robust Architecture Principles
  • DevSecOps
  • NOC Enablement
  • Cost Optimisation

Cloud Security

  • Award Winning 24 Hour Monitored SOC
  • On The Fly DevSecOps vulnerability assessment
  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Detect, alert & remedy compromised hosts
  • Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure Certified
  • Breach Notification

vOfficer Service

  • vCTO
  • vCISO
  • Expand your team rapidly
  • Low Cost in comparison to Full Time Hire
  • Experienced board level Executive
  • Business Focused
  • Available from single project delivery to continual business oversight